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Movement Lessons at home for floor, wall, chair or pole!L

Online live, interactive movement lessons for floor dance, wall dance, chair dance, stretching & flexibility, and pole dance at home.

Special equipment is NOT needed for at-home lessons but can be integrated into any Remote Lesson!

For studio owners...

Frestyl Workshops offer a smooth, soothing glimpse of variety

--without you needing to think up a novel curriculum

Frestyl Fitness LLC is located in Minnesota, with studios in Minneapolis, Mankato, and Rochester. We specialize in integrated style and technique that appeals to a broad range of levels and students, which focuses on shared strengths and skills during execution of frestyl (that's "freestyle" spelled "efficiently") dance. Frestyl curricula is mixed-level and tailored. It allows newer students at your studio to celebrate the skills you've given them while learning alongside your more advanced students - a natural rarity in most pole studios.

At the end of a workshop, students:

  • Feel physically amazing -- that weak-in-the-knees mixed with just-got-a-massage feeling should be in full force after one of our classes
  • Are more familiar with other students at your studio who may dance at higher or lower levels of skill. Mixed-level Frestyl workshops are intended to strengthen your studio's sense of community by including students and even instructors at different levels. Participants may meet a new pole friend or an instructor they haven't yet met
  • Are much, much more confident in their abilities to free dance and transition between poles and floor, as well as dancing their climbs and inversions. Let's face it: enjoying a smooth, sensual free dance class with zero pressure to perform doesn't always make it to the "checked off" section of everyone's to-do list. Inviting a Frestyl Workshop lets you, your staff, and your students enjoy a novel flow without having to build it yourself

Workshops Offered outside of Frestyl Fitness locations

Frestyl Flow

(90 minutes)

What it is: a mixed-level pole skills workshop where tricks are woven together with deliciously smooth shapes & transitions. This class primarily teaches moves/tricks and transitions for the pole.

Who can attend:

Beginners through advanced students, and instructors looking to enjoy their flow with a new mix of shapes. First-timers will not feel lost in this class.


Anything comfortable to move in. Climbers will want shorts, inverters will want crop tops

Frestyl Flow Lab

(60 minutes)

What it is: dancing through some seriously sultry ways to find your own signature transitions

Primarily teaches transitions in flow for floorwork and pole.

Who can attend:

Students who've had at least three pole classes, polers looking to compete on stage, and academic types who are interested in finding a few of their signature superpowers. No first-timers allowed; first-timers would be lost in this class.


Layers, layers, layers, legwarmers, and more layers

Frestyl Flexibility**

(60 minutes)

What it is: Feel-good flexibility for anyone (but especially great for polers). This class guides participants through a series of active stretches.

**36" foam rollers are required for Frestyl Flexibility**

Who can attend:

Anyone comfortable laying on a yoga mat. This active stretching class leaves students feeling amazingly wonderful; first-timers to your studio feel right at home and advanced polers will thank you. Highly recommended!


Layers to include pants and a warm long-sleeved shirt

Um, how do I sell this?

Posting a few flyers in the studio or online should get it done. Once your workshop is confirmed, we'll provide flyer art for you to use if you wish. From you, we require $20 per student or half of the price charged per student (per student) - whichever is greater. Frestyl Workshops' minimum size is three students per workshop (co-ed or same-sex). We're out to add variety to your life in fun and simple ways - we're not out to break your bank. A minimum deposit ($60 to cover first three students) books your workshop, and any remaining balance is paid at class time. You charge your students what fits you and your studio.

Ok, so if I wanted to book one of these things, I would do what?

  • Think through which of the three workshops currently offered sound best for you and your studio, and prepare any questions you might have about how the workshops can be tailored to the needs of your studio at this time
  • Contact Frestyl to determine a few times & dates that overlap with instructor travel schedules. In all likelihood, you'll be surprised to learn that we leave our home in the great white frozen north as often as possible --especially during the winter.... :) Calling 507-351-7805 and speaking with Brittin, or emailing [email protected] are your best bets. You can use the studio contact form, too.
  • Determine a few dates and times that you'd like to offer a bit of variety to your students or staff (or even for yourself, for heaven's sake), and suggest those to Frestyl. Once a date and time are confirmed, Frestyl will supply art for fliers to be shared online and in print.
  • Ask any questions you darn-well please, and prepare to enjoy yourself!

Would you dare to free dance ...

on the performance stage?

in a pole competition?

how about in the safety of your home studio?

Celebrate your smoothest pole superpowers in a workshop by

Frestyl Fitness and see what your body wants to do.

See examples of free dance compositions