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Movement Lessons at home for floor, wall, chair or pole!L

Online live, interactive movement lessons for floor dance, wall dance, chair dance, stretching & flexibility, and pole dance at home.

Special equipment is NOT needed for at-home lessons but can be integrated into any Remote Lesson!

Way to go! You've been nominated for a role in an R&R game night! We know you've gotta be doing some pretty special work to have made it this far!

Routines & Roulette: High Times, Low Stakes Performance Workshop is coming to a Place near you, and someone has (hopefully!) already reached out to you about your availability on a given a date and time. This workshop, called "R&R," is a fun, two-hour learning event for polers of any background, innocent bystanders, and the pole-curious hosted at great, non-judgy studios. This workshop is well-loved for bringing people together, celebrating variation in our communities, and being open to anyone! To top things off and make R&R cooler than cool, we especially like to gift Players (the peeps learning by dancing) with digital photos of the workshop, as well as use them to promote future workshops.

That's where you come in!

Your role as Photographer means shooting about 75- 90 minutes of the R&R workshop on the date & time someone reached out to you about. (Playing Photographer comes with the option to participate as an R&R Player, too, if you like!) We'd like you to enjoy your time at the event just like everyone else (except, you're also playing Photographer), and afterward (within 4 weeks or so of the workshop) we'd need to receive all raw/unedited digital shots, at which time we gift the images to R&R Players and we use them to create nifty flyers & posts so that peeps know about upcoming R&R and/or can take a look at them any time they're feeling nostalgic. :) You can use any images for your portfolio or anyplace you like so long as you note our programming as the subject (Routines & Roulette) where you can. (We know you're human, too.)

When we gift photographs of Routines & Roulette's programming to R&R Players, we ask them to tag and credit you (and us!) when they post or share them, and most of them do most of the time. But sometimes the human R&R Players don't follow through as expected, and a photo you take of our programming ends up bouncing around the world uncredited. We'll also use the pics you take to promote future Routines & Roulette workshops. We'll always try to tag you or list your company name on anything we do that uses images you've taken, but sometimes your information won't appear because we sometimes design or post something in a bigger hurry than is ideal. Look again at to see how Lion's Mane Photography is... and (not on purpose!) sometimes isn't listed on the images taken by Matt Davis (of Lion's Mane Photography).

If this all seems doable for you, we hope like heck that you accept this nomination and play Photographer at the R&R you've been nominated for! If this doesn't seem right for you and you need to decline for now, that's okay, we appreciate your time checking us out!

Stupid, but important, stuff we need you to know: if this model for throwing a party or doing business is something you'd like to use yourself, please talk with us before you do it. It's taken a whole lot of resources to develop Routines & Roulette: High Times, Low Stakes Performance Workshop, we all love our jobs here, and we love our mission of supporting independent studios and artists. We love our jobs so much, in fact, that we choose to protect our labor under copyright law. We will happily license you any of our contracting lingo and/or R&R for your own use at a doable rate for you, but we don't let peeps use it freely or without permission. (Because labor and jobs.) You'll learn a lot about Routines & Roulette by attending it, and you need to be aware that the workshop (our work) is also protected. Any and all peeps may continue to engage in any of the business or personal activities they've engaged in prior to hosting or participating in R&R, because we don't want to prevent you from doing what you already do. We just need you to know that any use of R&R agreements or programming without our permission violates our terms and is not allowed.

You'll totally understand why we're so touchy about this after you've been to R&R once or twice -- it's a smashing good time, and it's well organized thanks to a whole lot of professionals across a few different industries and settings putting in a whole lot of work over the course of at least two decades. We're really frickin' proud of it!! And, once upon a time, some peeps attempted to reproduce it without our permission (and, sadly, without any non-judgy swag, either), and, well, that's just not happening again. (Because labor and jobs, and also because we want to keep the outcomes and joy of R&R pure ...and non-judgy.) Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance for your understanding!

Now, how the heck does playing Photographer at R&R work, given that photography skillz ain't free?

We value your participation, the joy that your photos provide, and we hope you end up super glad you joined us for R&R! If you'd like to accept your nomination this time around, then we'll need to know what amount and kind of exchange you'd like for this role.

In exchange for all raw digital photos of our programming, we'll pay you in cash (PayPal or check by mail), account credit at your local studio or studios, or with some combination of both. We can also purchase from you a mini-session (or any other professional service you provide) to announce and give away as a prize at R&R. (For example, we pay you $dollars and some lucky person at R&R receives a mini-session with you as a prize for attending R&R, valued at $dollars. Or something like that.) Either way, this is a fun learning event that generates a lot of goodwill among those involved, and we hope you love the experience from start to finish!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please reach out to us at 507-351-7805 or [email protected]

Ready to make a decision on your nomination? Submit the form below, and thanks for reading!!

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© 2019 Frestyl Fitness LLC

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