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Movement Lessons at home for floor, wall, chair or pole!L

Online live, interactive movement lessons for floor dance, wall dance, chair dance, stretching & flexibility, and pole dance at home.

Special equipment is NOT needed for at-home lessons but can be integrated into any Remote Lesson!

You've built it! Here are three ways Frestyl Lessons help support the gym or studio you've grown:

  1. GREAT CLASSES! Frestyl Lessons provide amazing experiences for students to enjoy in the body they have today. Highly-trained teachers infuse special expertise and care into your gym or studio’s group fitness and personal training offerings.
  2. Visibility. Frestyl provides visibility and approachability for people not yet familiar with your studio. Your location is included in print, radio, mobile, and online advertising.
  3. Revenue without cost. There is no cost to offer Frestyl Lessons at your gym or studio. Gyms & studios offering Frestyl Lessons earn 15% GR on one-off events (such as one-time special classes or parties at your location) or 20% GR on Frestyl Lesson services at your location offered on a regular weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Revenue, expertise like staffing & curriculum, and visibility from advertising and retention you gain by offering Frestyl Lessons at your gym or studio are value-added, not a financial risk.

Frestyl Lessons are now available for boutique studios and gyms throughout the Upper Midwest!

Call 507-351-7805 or email [email protected] to find out more!

Consider adding Frestyl Lessons to your studio's regular class schedule or your appointment calendar.

Frestyl Lessons help your gym or studio members AND new visitors enjoy the skin they're in right now, today.

Attract new people to your studio with an empowering and positive addition to group and fitness offerings at your place of business. We regularly host special traveling instructors, so in addition to having consistent, body-positive, reliable pole and movement classes, your studio will also enjoy infusions from the experts.

Our rates are negotiable and individually designed to fit your situation and goals.

We're here to help your studio or gym succeed, along with the people in it!

We provide lessons, visibility, and extra support for pole studios (with current equipment installed) as well as for gyms that don't have poles yet (leave the poles to us)!

Get your studio or gym found via search engines, social media, and marketing sites such as without sacrificing your studio's pricing options.

Click here for an example deal via Groupon.

Special pricing through campaigns like Groupon applies only to the Frestyl-branded lessons available at your studio.