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Movement Lessons at home for floor, wall, chair or pole!L

Online live, interactive movement lessons for floor dance, wall dance, chair dance, stretching & flexibility, and pole dance at home.

Special equipment is NOT needed for at-home lessons but can be integrated into any Remote Lesson!



1. Are these classes 18+, or can anyone attend? (Answer: Adults can attend, as can minors with permission of a parent or gaurdian)

Anyone can attend. However, this is a rigorous form of exercise, so a parent or guardian must sign the release form for students who are under 18. Upon arrival to their first class, all students are asked to sign release forms.

2 .I don't have much rhythm - will I be able to do this type of dance, or is it hopeless?

You’re in luck! We don't dance to the beat, and we don’t choreograph routines on an 8-count. The beauty of frestyl fitness is that you’re not supposed to look or move like anyone else, dance like anyone else, or move in any way that is not quintessentially “you.” Find your own beat if you want to. No rhythm? No problems.:)

3. Do bigger gals come to class? If so, do they still do the moves? / Are all the ladies in class as tiny as those in your pictures?

Frestyl is a community of all kinds of women (ages, sizes, shapes, abilities). All sizes take the classes in Mankato, Rochester, and Minneapolis. Most importantly is that if you feel you would love to take the classes: do it, and you will discover advantages that you did not anticipate.

We pay careful attention to having an emotionally safe environment, so we do refrain from making observations that might cause any lady to wonder whether they belong. Even words like "tiny," which seem harmless, could give some ladies (especially those who have become several sizes smaller due to pole fitness) the message that they have no business in a fitness class, or that something is wrong with their body as it is. Sounds silly, doesn't it? We use words like "graceful," "gorgeous," and "beautiful" to describe what our bodies do rather than what our bodies look like in our own eyes and the eyes of others - and we use these words to acknowledge that no one can or should ever look or move like anyone else. At Frestyl, everyone's body is a source of pride - to everyone in the room. ("None of us is as strong and beautiful as all of us." - Japanese Proverb, modified for pole :) ) Keep in mind, too, that the ladies in our pictures and videos were either models who took/take Frestyl classes and who work with the photographer, and/or are fitness instructors themselves. Divine movement dance (, which inspired Frestyl Pole Fitness, has been in business longer and has more variety of pictures on their site. For an idea of just how gorgeous any body type looks doing this type of dance, check out their photos...or better yet come check out a frestyl class!

Chances are good that once you start twirling around, you’ll find that what you thought were your shortcomings may actually be some of your greatest strengths. Because all of our bodies are different, we move differently, and there can be no comparison between dancers – just inspiration. Expect to enjoy your body “as-is” here.

4. I don't have much upper body strength/I don't think I have the strength to hold myself up.

GOOD! Everything in Frestyl Basic involves working with gravity – not against it. All basic spins actually require that students not jump or lift into them (rather, we literally fall in a controlled,graceful, and gentle way). Any upward lifting that we do beyond basic classes actually occurs with the lower body and core, so no dead-lifting with the upper body is taught in Frestyl Basic or Pole Fitness Routine - in fact, students are told to avoid this! This ain’t the rope in gym class, so if you’re just starting to work out and/or if upper body strength has never been your thing, this means you’ve got no bad habits to break :)

5. What's with the leg warmers?

These are not “required,” and we’re not trying to be fashionistas here, but they DO help you slide along when necessary, they serve as great knee/shin pads for floorwork, AND they make for much softer landings when learning a new spin. It sounds weird – ok, it sounds ridiculous, but they are very handy, and the fuzzier the better! (And yeah, they make some of us feel cute.) You can find these at Target, Kohl’s, Herberger’s, …DSW (any excuse to go to DSW…;)).

6. My relationship with my body has been difficult in the past. I want to give this a shot, but first I want to make sure it feels safe.

Frestyl is all-too familiar with the reasons why it can be difficult to form and keep a healthy body image. As you consider embarking on a pole fitness journey, it may be encouraging to know that FrestylFitness – and, arguably, the pole dance fitness community in general – is utilized as safe haven for all women, from those of us who have experienced assault to those of us hurt by unhelpful messages about what we are“supposed” to look like and do. The first priority of Frestyl is to provide an emotionally safe environment in which you can be yourself and support your own health and well-being by exercising your body in a free-spirited, energized, and sensual though not overtly sexual way. We also know that women are not the only people who experience things like assault and unhelpful messages about bodies. Although our drop-in classes are for females, we provide all-male, co-ed, and private classes and instruction for men, too.

7. I am not female. Can I attend class?

Yes, but not all classes. Frestyl Basic is female-only. But unless otherwise noted, our classes are open to any gender.

8. What is Frestyl's price range for classes? (Answer: depending on the number of classes you buy, the price ranges from $3.40 to $20.00 per class)

At Frestyl, we make classes cost-effective for ladies trying to get into a healthy habit! Class prices are significantly more economical the more you purchase. One-time drop-in classes (for the lady who's simply got "Take a pole class" on the bucket list) are $20, while the price for drop-in classes for Unlimited Pass holders can be between $3 and $4 per class. In-between those two price points, classes are $15 each if purchased in packs of 4 or 6 classes, and are $14.80 each if purchased in packs of 10. And just for reading this FAQ... you can save $5 on your next purchase by using the promo code FRESTYL2015 --good online and in person (we accept cards, cash, and checks). Enjoy!